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We are proud of our patients and their accomplishments

These are unpaid testimonials from actual Restore patients


Jack, 57, lost over 100 pounds, reversed his pre-diabetes, reduced the inflammation in his joints to a level that allows him to enjoy a few pickleball sessions each week with his daughter and can lift weights without the crippling pain he used to experience. 

After a career of taking care of others, Donna, 65, a retired Nurse Anesthetist, realized it was time to take care of Donna. She was committed to restoring her health, look better and feel better and wow has she. She has lost and kept off 60 pounds, reversed her prediabetes and maintained that reversal for over a year and improved her cardiorespiratory fitness from very poor for a 65 year old female to EXCELLENT. She feels and looks great and is looking forward to her active retirement.

Fred, 81, eliminated use of both his diabetes and reflux medications. His blood pressure normalized and his lipid panel improved. He is enjoying his life and living it to the fullest.

Jerry, 70, was shocked at how quickly the proper nutrition and exercise corrected his glucose readings. Within days medications had to be reduced and then stopped as his glucose readings normalized. He dropped his HbA1c from uncontrolled diabetic to prediabetic in less than 90 days. He drastically reduced his need for medication, savings thousands per year and improved the quality of his life in the process.


When we met Ivan, 70, he was walking 20,000 steps a day. It wasn't enough! His blood pressure and blood glucose was still high despite the 20,000 steps and all his medications. He came to us when he saw our ad regarding the possibility of reversing type 2 diabetes. Ivan asked, "Is that really possible?" 


Well, Ivan did reverse his diabetes and more. Despite the 20,000 steps daily, Ivan had been on blood pressure and glucose control medication since he was in his 50's. Within 6 weeks all blood pressure and glucose medications had to be stopped. Ivan now has normal glucose and HbA1c along with normal blood pressure. He lost and is keeping off 38 pounds and has lost eleven inches in his waist line. 

ivan now_edited.png

Remote Program Success - 5 months ago Jon was frustrated. As a successful internet executive he was not used to working at something and not achieving his goal. He was working out 14 hours a week and had a highly structured life. So much so, even his meals were scheduled into his day. He was committed and highly focused but did not realize his diet wasn't appropriate for his metabolic condition. 5 months later Jon sent us this picture for his 64th birthday! From 252 pounds down to 218. His waist line greatly reduced and his blood pressure was 110/70, normal, for the first time in years. Jon had reversed his metabolic syndrome.

Remote Program Success - 8 months ago George was diabetic and needed to lose weight and feel better. His physician recommended Restore's Remote Program to George. Working with his personal wellness team George has lost 28 pounds and his HbA1c is now 5.69%. That is the cusp of normal. In less than 8 months George has restored his health.

Testimonials: Quote


Susan V.

   The one-on-one guidance provided by each member of your staff was crucial in the overall results I was able to obtain...Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in the Restore Medical Fitness program. 

Paul T. 

Before long, my health coach had me doing things I never dreamed I would be able to do...I have a new lease on life...This program changed my life.

Marc O.

Five months later I am over 30 pounds lighter, in much better condition, feel better than I have in 20 years, and off three blood pressure medications.

Waunetta W.

Thanks to all the friendly staff for the encouragement and teaching me how I can enjoy the rest of my life making good choices about food and exercise and NO MORE INSULIN!

I could not have been in better hands.

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