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Get Ready for a Successful Surgery

Surgical Pre-Hab Program

Improve Your Surgical outcome

  • Professionally Monitored Exercise

  • Reduce surgical risk

  • Reduce surgical complications

  • Improve post surgical outcomes

  • 12 week comprehensive program

  • Go into surgery healthier come out of surgery healthier


Surgeries, even those that seem to be minor, are always associated with risk. Being healthy reduces that risk. Patients that go into surgery with excess body weight, high blood glucose levels, high blood pressure (even if your BP is normal but you are taking medications), poor cardiorespiratory fitness and/or poor strength and stability have higher risk of complications and/or below average outcomes. These conditions also can increase recovery time and place optimal recovery at risk.


Restore's Surgical Pre-Hab Program has been recommended by doctors to help patients improve their odds of not only a successful surgery but a speedy recovery.  Patients have used this program prior to knee and hip replacements to decrease their weight and improve their strength with great success. In some cases your surgeon may not want to operate unless the patient does show some risk reduction. We have patients referred by their surgeon to this program to reduce hemoglobin A1c in diabetics to reduce post-surgical complications as well as weight reduction to help in the post-surgical rehabilitation after joint replacement.

If you are suffering from hypertension, type 2 diabetes, need to lose weight and want to feel strong and healthy prior to surgery, this program is perfect. We have had patients come to us for this program prior to joint replacement. These patients were suffering and in pain prior to the program. We have seen some patients put off the surgery because their joints felt so good after the program they didn't feel the surgery was of an acute need. Either way, patients are better prepared and risk of morbidity and mortality is greatly reduced with this program.

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