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Sheri Miosi, R.N.

Sheri is a Registered Nurse and Nutrition Coach with Restore, where she assesses client lifestyles, addresses health concerns and then works with them to make nutritional, behavioral and other changes in order to promote better health and wellness.


Driven to help people better understand the complexities of their bodies, Sheri has spent her entire career in the patient care setting. Before joining Restore in 2018, she worked as a nurse in a local cardiac and pulmonary office and in pharmaceutical care for patients needing cardiac and diabetic care.


Sheri’s passion for improving patient’s quality of life led her to Restore. Through her personal coaching, mentoring and nutrition consultations, Sheri is here to help clients prioritize their health and so they can create a life and career that makes them feel amazing.


She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from D’Youville College.

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