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Our Remote Lifestyle Therapy Program

Restore Health Reset Program

Remote, Cost-Effective Programming

  • Too far away for regular visits?

  • Remote Monitoring Tools Provided

  • Customized Exercise Prescription

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Health Coaching

  • Online Education Tools

  • Secure messaging with your coaches

  • On-Going Check-ins with Coaches via secure app on your devices


Too far away from our facility? Try remote!

As with our face-to-face program we will begin by documenting your medical history, medication list and then move to the assessment process. In the remote program we will be helping you to complete the assessment on your own. You will accomplish this using your activity tracker to complete your fitness assessment and then by completing our movement competency questionnaire we will be able to assess which exercises will be appropriate.


Lifestyle modification implies change. We need to establish exactly what it is we are going to change and where your starting point is. All the assessments, surveys and questionnaires will help us to document your progress. This information, which will be gathered regularly through remote reassessments and by using your activity tracker, scale, blood pressure cuff and other devices. This information will prove to you that your effort is making the difference. This will add fuel to your motivational fire. We will be assessing things like your eating pattern and habits, your current cardiorespiratory fitness, your current movement capacity and your basic biometrics, such as circumference measurements. 

Once the assessment process has concluded your Health Coach gets to work creating your personalized plan. Your exercise plan will be delivered to you via our app. You will be able to have a workout partner that will show you the exercise your coach chose just for you. Your coach will be using your assessment and questionnaire information when creating your program but they also take your goals into account. Your plan is based off your goals and will be appropriate to your current capacities. Exercise is great medicine, but like any medicine it has to be the right medicine in the right amount to be great. It can also be dangerous and that is exactly what this team is great at, keeping you safe while you restore your health.

You will receive a correctional exercise program based off your answers from the movement questionnaire. It might only be a few minutes, but it will be time well spent. These exercises are meant to improve your movement competency and will also be delivered to your smart device via our app. Many of us have aches, pains and limitations. Many of these are due to improper movement patterns not age. We hear people all the time say it is their age that is limiting them but within months, if not weeks, we regularly see 70+ year old's moving better, without pain and doing things they never thought again possible. 

You will also be receiving a cardiorespiratory program. This program will have frequency of exercise, recommended intensity including heart rate zones, type of exercise and the currently recommended duration for both days and overall volume for the week. You will be recording your workouts on your GPS enabled and heart rate monitoring smart device. This watch is super easy to use and will allow your coach to see where you walked or ran, what your heart rate was, how far and much more. This information will allow your coach to not only monitor you, it provides them with the information needed to customize your workouts as you progress.

You will be regularly meeting with both your Health and Nutrition coach via our secure app on your mobile device or tablet. They will be educating, guiding, supporting and holding you accountable to your self-selected goals while helping you to problem solve. Do you need recipes? They have them. Are you finding it difficult to figure out which of your goals needs to be prioritized? They can help. This coaching interaction is key to your process. You will need to unlearn information provided to you by poor sources, such as the food industry, and learn what really works for you. This is your team. Use them and listen to them.

Using the wearable and smart devices, along with our premium food tracking app and other tools, you and your wellness team will be able to address all areas of your life from anywhere on the planet. Restore and its partner, Plan2Peak Endurance Sport Coaching has over 2 decades of experiencing working with patients remotely. You will be in excellent hands and you do not have to be in Buffalo to use our world class programs.

This process has worked for over 1000 patients and it will work for you too. Click the button below to schedule your free health risk consultation.

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