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Our Premium Lifestyle Therapy

Restore Health Program

Intense, Comprehensive Programming

  • Health Coaching

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Semi-Private Group Exercise Therapy

  • Personal Exercise Therapy

  • Health, Fitness and Nutritional Assessments

  • Free Online Learning Management System

  • Frequent Encounters with your Team

  • Access to State-of-the-Art Facility


All Restore programs begin with a free Health Risk Consultation. During this one hour session your health professional will gather your personal information and learn about the goals you would like to achieve. This allows them to make the appropriate and personalized recommendation for each patient. Once the patient and Restore team member agree on a plan we begin the on-boarding process.


We will begin by documenting your medical history, medication list and then move to the assessment process. Lifestyle modification implies change. We need to establish exactly what it is we are going to change and where your starting point is. This helps us to document your progress. This information, gathered regularly, will prove to you that your effort is making the difference. This will add fuel to your motivational fire. We will be assessing things like your eating pattern and habits, your current cardiorespiratory fitness, your current movement capacity and your basic biometrics, such as circumference measurements. 

Once the assessment process has concluded your wellness team gets to work creating your personalized plan. They will take all your information into account but they also take your goals into account. Your plan is based off your goals and will be appropriate to your current capacities. Exercise is great medicine, but like any medicine it has to be the right medicine in the right amount to be great. Exercise can also be dangerous and that is exactly what this team is great at, keeping your safe while you restore your health.

You will receive a correctional exercise program that you can do, on your own, daily. It might only be a few minutes but it will be time well spent. These exercises are meant to improve your movement competency. Many of us have aches, pains and limitations. Many of these are due to improper movement patterns not age. We hear people say they think it is their age that is limiting them but within months, if not weeks, we regularly see 70+ year old's moving better, without pain and doing things they never thought again possible. 

You will receive both a personal strength training routine and a cardiorespiratory program. Your strength routine will take into account your current movement limitations. You will be doing exercises we are sure you can do and will not hurt you. We will also explain the exercises you will want to avoid, for the time being, until your movement improves, these restrictions are your Red Lights. Your cardio program will have frequency of exercise, recommended intensity including heart rate zones, type of exercise and the currently recommended duration for both days and overall volume for the week. Remember, this is the same staff that runs cardiac rehab! They specialize in appropriate cardio prescription.

You will get access to semi-private exercise therapy classes that allow you to work with others under the watchful eyes of our team. You will also get unrestricted access to our state-of-the-art facility to do exercise on your own.

You will be meeting with both your wellness and nutrition coach regularly during the first few months of the program. They will be educating, guiding, supporting and holding you accountable to your self-selected goals while helping you to problem solve. Do you need recipes? They have them. Are you finding it difficult to figure out which of your goals needs to be prioritized? They can help. This coaching process is key to your process. You need to unlearn information provided to you by poor sources, such as the food industry, and learn what really works for you. This is your team. Use them and listen to them.

After a month of making changes it will be time to really see the progress. Sure, you will be weighing in weekly but health isn't all about weight. We will be tracking your goals and monitoring your food choices, but the big surprise is when you get to see what a difference your work has made to your overall health. We will reassess cardiorespiratory fitness, circumference measurements, blood pressure and other biomarkers that you can add as feathers in your cap. Each one of these accomplishments will prove that you are doing the right things and it is worth it. Your health will slowly be restored.

Patients can stay in the intensive phase, just described, as long as they need the support, but the goal is to slowly make each patient self-efficient as they slowly regain their health. Most patients stay in this intense phase for 3-6 months. By then almost every patient is ready to step-down to a less intense level of support. We will then customize the program again. If you think semi-private exercise therapy classes were key to your success then we keep them. Some feel regular health coaching made the difference, if so, we keep that. The program can change with you over time but all patients are reassessed quarterly to assure you are continuing to progress and stop any backsliding before it gets too bad.

This process has worked for over 1000 patients and it will work for you too. Call us to schedule your free health risk consultation.

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