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Remote Lifestyle Therapy Program

Restore Health Hybrid Program

Start Face-To-Face but be Remote

  • Visit the Center to meet your coaches

  • Complete all assessments in-person

  • Complete your programming with private, in-person instruction

  • Join us for a Semi-Private Group Exercise Therapy Class

  • Receive your on-going check-in visits and be monitored remotely by your coaches

PJC nutrition.PNG

This program is very similar to our remote program. In fact, other than the start up, it is the same. Rather than completing fitness assessments on your own, or completing movement questionnaires on your own, we invite you to come to our facility in Williamsville, New York for a day or two. During this time will be helping you to set up your smart and wearable devices. We will also complete your fitness assessment, complete an actual movement screen rather than a questionnaire, and your coach will be bringing you through all your programming. You will be able to meet your wellness team, your health coach and your nutrition coach face-to-face. By the end of your visit you will have created a relationship with your team and your team will be able to make sure you fully comprehend all your goals, exercise and correctional program and know how to communicate with us. We have found this option to be very attractive to many people and starts them off on the right step.

See the Restore Health Remote Program for more details on how future interactions and assessments will take place between you and your wellness team.

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