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The Original Lifestyle Therapy Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Rehab is a Class 1A Recommended Treatment

  • Professionally Monitored Exercise

  • ECG Monitored Exercise

  • Individual Care Plan Development

  • Coordination with Patients' Providers

  • Daily Education Classes

  • Transition back to Activities of Daily Living


We consider cardiac rehabilitation a monument to lifestyle therapies as it stands as a testament to the power lifestyle modification has to improve health. In fact, cardiac rehab has been proven, through decades of development and hundreds of peer reviewed research studies that even in a population of individuals with cardiovascular disease, restoration of health is not only possible, but probable when done right. This makes a referral to cardiac rehab a Class 1A recommendation for patients that have suffered a cardiac event or have had cardiac procedures. There is no higher class or level of evidence for any medical procedure. Cardiac rehab should be a no brainer. 


Restore has years of experience with cardiac rehab. We have used this experience to create an excellent cardiac rehab program and to develop our other lifestyle therapies. The lessons learned delivering cardiac rehab has served us well. Our cardiac rehab and other programs are providing patients a second lease on life. The improvements seen in patient confidence, quality of life, health restoration and in activities of daily living are documented. 

Cardiac Rehabilitation begins with an orientation. We will be explaining all the nuances of the program and ensuring you know exactly what to expect each and every day.

After orientation we will begin to gather information from your providers to guarantee we are creating an appropriate personalized program for your provider to inspect. 

Your first cardiac rehab class is private. You will be meeting with one of our exercise physiologists to be assessed and then brought through an entire class privately. We will be giving you the time you need to understand the ECG monitors you will be using in class, class procedures, all the equipment you will be using and all the other details of the program. This will help to make sure you understand class and feel comfortable. We will be teaching you signs and symptoms you should be looking to keep you safe. You will know not only how to use the equipment but how difficult should you be exercising. We will be giving you heart rate and perceived exertion ranges that you will use to guide your exercise. You will also be monitored using ECG and by the professional team surrounding you. 

Your individual treatment plan will be provided to your providers promptly for their inspection. If there is anything that we see during your program that we feel your provider should be made aware of we will immediately communicate that to them.

As you progress through the program, regular treatment plan updates will be created and shared with your providers. Little by little, day by day you will feel stronger and more confident about your health. You will have a better understanding of your condition and what it will take to avoid future events or rehospitalizations. Part of cardiac rehab is education. Each day after exercise we will be sharing a brief but important cardiac rehab lesson. These lessons will teach you about the most important aspects of your conditions, your care and the value you will be achieving by modifying your lifestyle to better your cardiac health.

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