It all Begins with Your Care Plan

Are you treating your patients with effective first-line therapies?

Guidelines state, first-line therapy for chronic conditions is often an on-going and structured program. Now, Medicare is reimbursing physicians for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). 

Partner with Restore for your RPM program and watch your patients and bottom line get healthier. Here at Restore, we do much more than monitor your patients, we will coach them.

Monitoring without patient education, coaching and support will only scratch the surface when dealing with the complex issue of lifestyle or behavior modification. Restore has decades of experience in lifestyle modification therapies and remote patient monitoring. Patients need more than just devices and monitoring if they are going to be successful in their lifestyle modification journey. Restores' professionals will be doing much more than monitoring.


When you identify patients with chronic issues refer them to Restore for RPM and we will reach out to patients to schedule a free consult. During this consult we will confirm and document informed consent for remote patient monitoring and provide you with documentation for your records. We will then setup your patient with passive data transfer medical devices, at no charge to your practice or your patient, as per Medicare guidelines. We will then engage your patient by not only monitoring their progress but with regular interactive communication for nutrition coaching and health coaching sessions. Your practice will be able to bill for the monitoring, as well as the interactive and ongoing coaching sessions. Restore will provide you with a report each month for each patient and each codes you may bill for.


Patients will be monitored as per your care plan and we alert you as to any measurements outside of the written care plan guidelines or if there are any concerns that need to be addressed, such as the need for medication titration. Our staff of qualified health care professionals are registered nurses, health coaches and exercise physiologists, each with experience treating high-risk patients and those with preexisting acute and chronic conditions.


Our patients outcomes will exceed your expectationsAverage monthly reimbursement per patient is $174! Your Practice WINS, your patients WINS, and you look great in the process! Just 100 patients engaged in Remote Patient Monitoring could generate as much as $58,000 in profit for your practice. YES, that is $58,000 annually for 100 patients, after all expenses of the program are paid. That is almost $5,000/month, with ZERO additional clinical staff time!

Who can be referred to Restore for RPM? Patients in need of...

  • Diabetes Control

  • Diabetes Remission

  • On-Going Monitoring

  • Structured Program

  • Cost Reduction

  • Prediabetes Reversal

  • Metabolic Syndrome Reversal

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Hypertension Reversal

  • Coordination of Care!

  • Obesity Reversal

  • Obesity Management

  • Improved Fitness

  • Improved QOL

  • Improved ADL's


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