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It all Begins with Your Care Plan & Your New Wellness Team

Providers are Partnering with Restore to Deliver RPM

Are you treating your patients with effective first-line therapies?

Guidelines state, first-line therapy for chronic conditions is often an on-going and structured program. Now, Medicare is reimbursing physicians for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). 
Providers are partnering with Restore to deliver their RPM program along with the lifestyle therapeutics that will improve patient health, reduce medical costs and improve the practices bottom line. Here at Restore, we do much more than monitor your patients, we will coach them.

Often, remote patient monitoring alone is insufficient for effective lifestyle or behavior modification. Restore Medical Fitness Center, with its extensive experience in remote lifestyle modification therapies and remote patient monitoring, understands the importance of providing patient education, coaching, and support in conjunction with monitoring.

To facilitate this comprehensive approach, healthcare providers are encouraged to refer patients with chronic issues to Restore for remote lifestyle therapy and in the case of the classic fee-for-service practice, for remote patient monitoring (RPM). In the case of a RPM patient, Restore initiates a free consultation with the patient to obtain informed consent for RPM and provide necessary documentation. They supply medical devices for passive data transfer to the patient at no cost. In addition to monitoring progress, Restore engages patients through regular interactive communication, offering lifestyle therapies and coaching. Healthcare providers can bill for both the monitoring and the interactive coaching sessions. Each month, Restore provides a report for each patient, including billing codes. Reimbursements are collected by the provider's practice, and Restore invoices the practice for its services at fair market rates, effectively functioning as the practice's lifestyle department.

Qualified healthcare professionals, including registered nurses, health coaches, and exercise physiologists, form Restore's staff. They monitor patients, provide guidance, and alert healthcare providers of any measurements or concerns outside the written care plan guidelines, such as the need for medication adjustments. Clinical decision-making, however, remains the responsibility of the patient's prescribing provider.

Engaging just 100 patients in remote patient monitoring through Restore could generate up to $58,000 in profit for a practice without requiring additional staff hours. The expectation is that patient outcomes will exceed expectations, benefiting both the practice and the patients themselves.

Why are Providers using Restore for RPM?

  • Diabetes Control

  • Diabetes Remission

  • On-Going Monitoring

  • Structured Program

  • Cost Reduction

  • Prediabetes Reversal

  • Metabolic Syndrome Reversal

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Hypertension Reversal

  • Coordination of Care!

  • Obesity Reversal

  • Obesity Management

  • Improved Fitness

  • Improved QOL

  • Improved ADL's

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