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Restore's Face-to-Face Programs and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Provides...

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
  • Today's healthcare environment is busy

  • First-line therapies such as structured, on-going lifestyle therapies are next to impossible to offer without a partner

  • Patients desire and need on-going support

  • Restore's programs are perfect for your patients and your practice

  • Restore's RPM is much more than just monitoring.

hba1c diabetics.PNG
  • Properly applied lifestyle therapies help patients achieve life changing results 

  • Behavior change produces massive risk reduction, reduction in medication use and medical costs!

  • In 83 Diabetics a 13% HbA1c reduction maintained on average one year

  • Partial or Complete remission in 40%

  • Medication reduction in close to 100%

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