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Restore's Programs Provide value to Direct Primary Care and Fee-for-Service Providers

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
  • Direct Primary Care focuses on high value care but spending clinical time coaching patients on habits that may prevent or reverse chronic conditions will limit panel size

  • Restore's remote programs provide DPC providers the tools to address rising and high risk patients while allowing the provider best use their licensure

  • DPC providers maintain medical supervision of their patients while Restore offers high quality auxiliary clinical services aimed at reducing risk and restoring health

  • Discounts to DPC referred patients

  • Restore's programs are perfect for patients, providers and your practice

  • For fee-for-service providers, Restore offers RPM and CCM services to address and monitor patients with rising risk and chronic disease

  • Properly applied lifestyle therapies help patients achieve life changing results 

  • Behavior change produces massive risk reduction, reduction in medication use and medical costs!

  • Type 2 Diabetics in our programs see a 14% HbA1c reduction which has been maintained with medication reduction in close to 100%

  • Partial or Complete remission of T2D is seen in 46%

  • 98% of prediabetic did not progress to Type 2 Diabetes and 35% of those with PreD normalized their hyperglycemia

  • Significantly better outcomes than the National Diabetes Prevention Program

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