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Structured, On-Going Lifestyle Therapy

Patients achieve miraculous health improvements due to the proper support and guidance. With a highly motivating vision and your wellness team as a guide your journey begins. Setting daily and weekly goals, which will seem to be simple, will prove to be extremely powerful. Each of these steps will take you closer to your vision and closer to restoring your health. It proves to be an exciting and rejuvenating process of restoration. With each step your confidence grows as your health returns.

Restore Health Program


Intense, Comprehensive Programming​

  • Health Coaching

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Semi-Private Group Exercise Therapy

  • Personal Exercise Therapy

  • Health, Fitness and Nutritional Assessments

  • Free Online Learning Management System

  • Frequent Encounters with your Team

  • Access to State-of-Art Facility

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Patients: Services

Too far away for regular visits?

  • Low-Cost, All Remote Program

  • Remote Monitoring Tools Provided

  • Customized Exercise Prescription

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Health Coaching

  • Online Education Tools

  • On-Going Check-ins with Coaches via telehealth, phone or text

The Hybrid Program

PJC nutrition.PNG

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Start Face-To-Face but be Remote

  • Visit the Center for a whole day or two shorter days to meet your coaches

  • Complete all assessments in-person

  • Complete your programming in-person

  • Join us for a Semi-Private Group Exercise Therapy Class

  • Receive your on-going check-in visits and be monitored remotely by your coaches

Rehab is a Class 1A Recommended Treatment

  • Professionally Monitored Exercise

  • ECG Monitored Exercise

  • Individual Care Plan Development

  • Coordination with Patients' Providers

  • Daily Education Classes

  • Transition back to Activities of Daily Living

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation


Click to Learn More about the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Surgical Pre-Hab Program


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Improve Your Surgical outcome

  • Professionally Monitored Exercise

  • Reduce surgical risk

  • Reduce surgical complications

  • Improve post surgical outcomes

  • 12 week comprehensive program

  • Go into surgery healthier come out of surgery healthier

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