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Decades of Lifestyle Treatment Experience

Having a Professional Team as guides is Critical to your journey

Meet Your Personal Wellness Team

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David M. Nichols, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

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Peter Cummings, M.H.P.

Director of Medical Fitness


Maria Kreher, B.S.



Kate Berchou, M.Ed., R.N. 

Emily Tarquin, B.S., ACSM-EP

Sheri Miosi, R.N.


James Schneider M.S.

Now that you have prioritized your health, you need support, monitoring and expertise. Simple changes to behavior will improve your health. These behaviors will become your new healthy habits. Your personal wellness team is highly experienced and effective and will help you achieve your vision. 

Change is not easy, but with our approach and the support of your team it can be achieved. With each successful step, no matter how small, you will build confidence. With a new found certainty you will progress towards your goals and your vision. Patients begin to feel better, sometimes within days. The process of achieving your vision will take time but with your new healthy habits you will see yourself change. Success is in the process! 

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