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Use these 4 calculators to assess your risk of Metabolic Dysfunction & Disease

Each of these indexes are important indicators of metabolic health!

Download our Health Reset APP or contact us to set up your free health risk consultation or contact your physician to ask if a lifestyle modification program including exercise would be right for you.

Gurka, M. J., Lilly, C. L., Oliver, M. N., & DeBoer, M. D. (2014). An examination of sex and racial/ethnic differences in the metabolic syndrome among adults: a confirmatory factor analysis and a resulting continuous severity score. Metabolism, 63(2), 218-225.

MSSS probability.PNG

Do you have signs of Insulin resistance and/or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?

Did you know that IR is a major driver of many chronic conditions including T2DM?

What is your Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI)?

Did you know FFMI has predictive value as to overall survival or mortality?

Did you know your maximal aerobic capacity is an excellent predictor of mortality?

NOTE: Contact your physician before attempting exercise or exercise testing

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