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The Get Healthy Program

This 16-Week remote program is designed for those that are developing or have developed metabolic dysfunction 

  • Low-Cost, 100% Personalized

  • Live and Recorded Exercise Sessions

  • Personalized Exercise Prescription

  • Personalized Nutrition Coaching

  • Dedicated Health Coaching

  • Self-paced, Online Education Tools

  • On-Going Check-ins with Coaches via telehealth, phone or text


Prevent Progression and Reverse Chronic Conditions

The Get Healthy program focuses on individuals with metabolic dysfunction and chronic conditions caused by lifestyle factors. The program aims to prevent the worsening of these conditions and reduce dependency on medication by implementing lifestyle changes. The targeted conditions include but are in no way limited to obesity, hypertension, high blood cholesterol, high blood triglycerides, high blood glucose (prediabetic or diabetic), non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and cardiovascular disease.

The program boasts a high success rate in preventing disease progression, achieving disease remission, and reducing or eliminating the need for disease-specific medications. It emphasizes that medications used for these conditions only mitigate or lower the risk, rather than addressing the root cause.

The program begins with an assessment of the participant's medical history, medication list, cardiorespiratory fitness level, movement competency, eating patterns, and basic biometrics. This information is discussed in separate 60-minute sessions with a health coach and a nutrition coach. For individuals on anti-hyperglycemic medication (e.g., type 2 diabetes), an initial telehealth visit with a physician might also be required.

Following the assessment, a personalized plan is created for each participant. The exercise plan is delivered through an app, where a workout partner guides them through their personalized program, ensuring safety during the health restoration process.

Participants gain access to video education materials that explain their condition and how lifestyle changes will help them achieve their goals. These educational sessions are delivered in 5-7 minute videos and can be completed at the participant's own pace through our Health Reset app. Throughout the 16-week program, participants have regular 20-minute meetings every other week with both a health coach and a nutrition coach. These sessions aim to personalize education, provide guidance, support, and accountability, as well as help problem-solve any challenges. The coaches also offer recipes and assist participants in prioritizing their goals.


The program has been successful for over 1000 patients. Interested individuals can schedule a free health risk consultation to begin their journey towards better health.

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